The Introvert’s Toolbox


More statements less questions. At least a 1:1 ratio, preferably 2:1.

Speak from your personal perspective “I did, think, feel… etc”

You may be too logical in your thinking and talking, expressing facts. Practice expressing more feelings.


Qualification Listening: Neutral expression on your face. Will make the person talking feel like they are qualifying themselves. Can make the both of you feel uncomfortable or awkward. You have to be cool with it.

Active Listening: Show emotional response to what people are talking about. Repeat back to them in your own words important things they talk about.

Don’t do this too much because it’s too ‘Rapport Seeking’. In stead use it as a reward for when you hear stuff you like when your doing Qualification Listening.

Sexual Tension

Allow yourself to be turned on and project it through your body-language, eye-contact and voice tone.

Practice being very relaxed in the moment around women and this should happen naturally.


Start with ‘accidental’ touching, brushing arms together as you walk, touching lower arm when you are speaking.

Move to overt touching with your fingers and palm of your hand. In the beginning, don’t linger with your touch.