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An Introduction to Approach Excitement

Stop living in fear, embrace the adrenaline, choose excitement.

This site is about simplifying the relationship between men and woman, written from a man’s point of view.

I’d like to think that the lessons learned in exploring this area apply to all aspects of life.

My philosophy in a nut-shell:

Start with the end in mind.

What kind of things do you want to do and what kind of person do you want to be?

Then take action as if you were already that person.

Keep doing that until your reality reflects that perfect image in your mind.

Remember tinkering as you go along will outperform too much planning.

Imagine you are a ship’s captain and you want to sail to an island.

You know where the island is.

There may be the occasional unknown current or change of wind along the way.

You may go off course every once in a while.

But you’ll adjust for those circumstances until you reach your destination.

Approach Excitement is your compass.



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