She replied that she found it arrogant and obnoxious?

She replied that she found it arrogant and obnoxious?

That only means you have to do it more. Take these apparently negative remarks “asshole, dick, prick, arrogant” as the compliments they are. “Bad” boys are attractive, “good” boys are not.

So dont break eye contact, greet with a nod upwards, not downwards, keep your frame, be friendly but not respectful. Tease.

She will try to “fight you” and put your arrogance down, aka “testing”, and she will love it, too.


Chatting Up Old Ladies

I was on the underground the other day when some old ladies pointed out a ballpoint pen on the seat next to me, asking if it was mine.

I joked with them how my luck was changing because I used to only lose ballpoint pens, now I was finding them!

Then I looked up and noticed two attractive girls smiling at my funny conversation with the old ladies.

Smile If You Mean It

Men have an unconscious response when seeing a beautiful woman. They find themselves smiling.

But something happens when they lock eyes with that woman.

Their smile is one that says “Please like me”.

In stead of the “Hey… how you doin” smirk.

Try this as an experiment for a few weeks. Next time you look into a woman’s eyes don’t react.

Hold a poker face but don’t stare.

Wait for her to smile then show a little smirk. It’s a reward.

Feel free to introduce yourself at this point. The dynamic will be very different from what you are used to.

Try just speaking to everyone and turning everyone into you.

Try just speaking to everyone and turning everyone into you. At the gym, school, work, wherever you are, draw people into you. When “people” are girls, turn up the tease. Dont pay attention to the girls attractiveness, let this become your new way of dealing with people. When you are in a 2 or group, feel free to call strangers in and make them part of the conversation.

This is more useful than isolated “cold approaches” and seeds the skills and personality traits deep down in you.

If you are in “on” mode, girls / people will start approaching you as well. So, befriend everybody, game everybody, dominance everybody, comfort everybody, rapport everybody, tease everybody, kino everybody, with you as the constant.

If you become what you do

If you become what you do, and you approach this with a “faking it” mentality, you become a faker.

The part that works is the part you didnt fake: the courage to do the thing, go out, talk to people, use your brain to figure whats going on, etc, all of that is “real”.

Faking you are a pro tennis player doesnt make you one. Playing tennis does. If you invest all of the energy on the “real” game and forget the pretending part, that doubles your speed at learning.

Fakers dont get far.

What everybody hates about game

What everybody hates about game is to see a non alpha (read, non worthy man) FAKING attributes and behavior and TRICKING women into thinking he is someone he is not for SEX only.

That that same bite is your own obstacle to learn and articulate the whole thing.

And that´s what feels wrong / off when you are doing it.

And that´s why non alphas fear women. Its a natural instinct: the best women are reserved for the alphas. We expect things to work that way.

So rather than learning game: become alpha, and all these girls will expect to be yours and jump in your lap without you having to chase trick or game them individually, and it will feel GOOD and natural for everybody.

It’s Always On

No matter what she does, no matter what she says.

It’s always on.

Even if it’s not, she’ll come around eventually.

Every action you take is filtered through that knowledge.

If you are high value and it shows

If you are high value and it shows in your clothes, demeanor, physical language, tone voice, and you are in a good mood and feeling sexual, you only have to step inside of a bar and you are done.

Find the prettiest girl staring at you and go talk to her. Chill. Dodge a couple of bullets. Make her laugh. Tease her. Take her home and bang her. It will be a good night for both of you and a chance to get to know her better, if you feel like it.

If you dont like “regular bar girls” just find a bar / venue you like. You´ll find girls you like inside, too.

People do go to bars to get laid. Find yours.

Does She Think You Are A Try Hard?

Stop right there.

If you’re considering that question then you are already thinking too much.

Don’t get me wrong. In reality it’s ok to go through periods of strategizing, trying different approaches, using a tactic of technique here and there, thinking about what you are doing.

But you need to alternate that with periods of just letting go and doing whatever you feel like.

The way to stop coming across as ‘try hard’ is to stop trying so hard.

Don’t even try not to try.